Thursday, October 04, 2007

Online Video & Social Networking Site Facebook Help College Student Kristy Smith to Share Her Ignorance and Bigotry With Broader Audience

During some of the many dialogues I've had about race, people often ask, "Are things better though? I mean it's 2007."

Well, that's not an easy question to answer, but I'd say no. In many ways US society seems to be reverting in some aspects, in the ways blacks are seen, portrayed and treated.

It's 2007, are we better off when some white college students still think it's funny to put on black-face and party? Do they even really understand what that means? If they don't, why do it?

University of Louisiana-Monroe student Kristy Smith admits she was just fed up with the media coverage of the Jena 6 incident and the subsequent high-profile protests broadcast around the globe.

Her solution? Shoot a no-budget mockumentary complete with 3 white male friends in black-face running around the banks of the Red River in Louisiana reenacting the beating of white high school student Justin Barker by 3 members of the six black teenagers known as the Jena 6.

What's happening in the minds of people living this country?

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