Saturday, October 06, 2007

French Catholic Priest Brings the Fate of 1.5 Million Ukrainian Jews to Light

French Roman Catholic Priest Patrick Desbois (pictured left holding mic, interviewing a Ukrainian witness to Nazi executions) has spent nearly five years documenting the execution of nearly 1.5 million Jews murdered by Nazis who invaded Russian in 1941.

His interviews with local Ukrainian witness to the executions will help cement eye witness testimony to crimes against humanity that are still yet to be healed.

In 2000 Father Desbois founded Yahad in Unum an organization that focuses on common interfaith interests between Catholics and Jews.

The mission of Father Desbois brings concrete hope to humanity's dedication and commitment to bring spiritual healing to the collective global Culturegeist that has been wounded and scarred by the horrors born of hate, fear, oppression and ignorance.

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