Wednesday, October 24, 2007

More Racist Noose Mail for Brooklyn HS Principal

The horrifying wildfires going on out in California understandably grabbed the front page headlines of the New York Post on Tuesday October 23rd but near the fold on page nine was an article about the principal of a predominantly African-American high school in Brooklyn, NY who was the latest reported recipient of a noose.

Accompanying the shockingly offensive symbol of vicious hatred was an equally degrading letter addressed to principal Tyona Washington.

While personally I think this was better than page nine at least the Post ran the story.

Oh, also tucked away on page nine to the right of the latest noose incident, a 3/4 page photo of "embattled" rapper Foxy Brown (aka Ingrid Marchand)and an unflattering account of her getting tossed in solitary confinement for 76 days out on Rikers Island for allegedly getting into a brawl with another female inmate.

Damn, could the day be rougher on a sister?

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