Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Memo Proving Gonzales/White House Approved Harsh Physical Torture Methods for CIA Only Proves What Millions Already Knew

Memo to CIA, all White House staff; the Fox News organization; Rush Limbaugh, all WABC political radio hosts, various members of both sides of the House and Senate and millions of Red State residents:We knew.

We blogged about Alberto Gonzales (pictured left)back on May 7, 2007, when it was shown the civil rights arm of the DOJ had the same number of black attorneys as it did in 1978 - two. The blog entry lamented the fact that the DOJ was just an empty husk of what it once was; populated with incompetent political appointees and power hungry lawyers who didn't give a shit about civil rights.

The problem is he isn't a bad human being. He was loyal to the President when Bush was the governor of Texas and W rewarded that by nominating him to the highest position in US law enforcement.

The problem is one that even some conservative members of the GOP acknowledge publicly; that Gonzales was completely out of his league in a major cabinet position heading up the Department of Justice. He was little more than a White House functionary, extending the already formidable reach of the Vice President into the office of the Attorney General.

There's little reason to scapegoat Gonzales, he was just rubber-stamping White House policy. And because he was not his own man, he was unable to step up to his role as the man charged with enforcing the laws of this nation. Sadly for this extrordinarily average non-visionary, history will show he was just another Bush lackey who thought it was a good idea to subvert the ideals of the Constitution and torture people under the guise of defending Democracy.

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