Sunday, October 07, 2007

Like Ex-GOP Strategist Lee Atwater, Harry Dent Regreted Manipulating Racial Divisions for Votes

As the world marks the Friday, September 28th passing of Republican strategist Harry S. Dent it must be remembered that he used his considerable creative political talents and drive to help the Republican party craft it's divisive "southern strategy" politics in the 1960's and worked on behalf of southern pro-segregationist GOP members of Congress.

The Republican party has never shied away from capitalizing on the air of fear, mistrust and resentment that were byproducts of the civil rights movement that began to gain prominence in the world media and bring social injustice and racism into the national spotlight.

If Dent lagged behind his moral conscience, he managed to catch up to it
as his health began to wain as he admitted regret at some of the choices he had made during his political life.

Lee Atwater regretted the Willie Horton ads too when he was laying in a hospital bed dying of brain cancer.

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