Thursday, April 10, 2008

Will She Stay or Will She Go?

The world was pretty tough on Katie Couric (pictured left) last week.

From the time stories began circulating about internal rumblings over her precarious position as the news anchor for CBS News, the media wasted no time pouncing on one of their own.

After I paused to read the April 9th online article posted on TV Week's daily online feed online article about the speculation surrounding Couric leaving the news desk at CBS, I read two interesting reader comments and got sucked into the debate immediately.

I posted a first response then came back later and dropped a follow-up response after a very nice woman seemed to bristle at the thought of a group of misogynistic male bloggers picking on poor Katie.

This was by far the story of the week in New York. Rarely has the word 'Katie' been splashed on the cover of the New York Post with such abandon. Of course it was all over the Web too, I thought I the best media coverage was the WSJ online article.

We'll see how it plays out. The CBS brass aren't just going to sit there while their television news product resides in third place. Remember this is a brand journalists like Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather helped create.

Black Rock was quick to fire out a press release announcement on April 10th trumpeting their 'Victory' over Rather's $70 million lawsuit against CBS and Viacom. The last thing the 'Eye' network needed was any kind of spillover affecting their annual broadcast of the Master's this weekend.

The sparks should continue this week. The story has everything to do with how our culture perceives and interprets the stories and events that filter through the media pipeline.

Does it have more to do with the actual truth surrounding these events, or our emotional reactions to them?

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