Thursday, April 24, 2008

White Supremacist Kevin Strom Sentenced to 23 Months for Possession of Child Pornography

In his role as the leader of the white supremacist National Vanguard movement, Kevin Alfred Strom (pictured left) was widely considered one of the nation's leading right-wing Neo Nazi "intellectuals".

On April 21st a Federal Court sentenced the father of three to 23 months for possession of child pornography. Strom has been in jail since January 2007 after FBI agents raided his home and searched his home in response to allegations he'd been stalking a ten-year old 5th grade girl who was friends with his step-daughter.

Strom tried to defend himself claiming the kiddie porn was "unwillingly" downloaded onto his computer. Such statements contradicted reports by his wife Elisha who testified under oath that she secretly videotaped her hate-monger husband naked in front of his computer masturbating to child porn images on at least 25 occasions.

She noted that he had superimposed the heads of the Neo Nazi 14- year old blond-fraternal twin music duo from Bakersfield, California, Prussian Blue onto the nude bodies of adult porn images and masturbated to them.

The "stay-at-home" mother of the brainwashed young blond devotees of Adolph Hitler, April Gaede was an active member of Strom's National Vanguard movement. Her daughters were linked to the group as well.

As recently as 2005 former KKK leader and white supremacist David Duke openly gushed about this convicted pedophile on Duke's Website during an interview Strom conducted where among other things the two discussed their passion to be involved with a movement filled with people "motivated by love of their traditions and their values and their freedom."

Apparently those "traditions" include stalking young girls and trying to entice them to have sex. Fortunately Strom is "free" to think about it for the next 23 months - happily far away from pre-teen girls.

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