Friday, April 25, 2008

McCain Gets Tough on Katrina Response, But Will the Media Be Tough on John Hagee/

It's been interesting watching the mainstream media's reaction to John McCain openly courting the support of controversial Pastor John Hagee

In some ways, John Hagee makes Obama's former Pastor Jeremiah Wright seem tame by comparison. Hagee heads up the 18,000 member Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas.

His bigoted comments are a matter of record, he believes that the Book of Esther in the Bible foretells a US invasion of Iran and the media seemed to all but ignore the fact that he blames the Katrina disaster on the city of New Orleans itself.

CNN's article talks about the media blitz of sorts McCain created when he took a 20-minute stroll/photo op through the hurricane-ravaged 9th Ward of New Orleans; part of his efforts to breech the Democratic strongholds in an effort to prove he's not just another GOP flunkie.

To be fair to McCain, he blasted the Bush administration and the Federal government for their pathetic response to the plight of thousands of impoverished citizens. But the CNN piece doesn't even mention John Hagee until the second to last paragraph!

Is that fair and balanced media analysis? Excerpts of recordings of Jeremiah Wright's explosive comments were repeatedly payed on radio, television and the Web in conjunction with links to Obama.

John Hagee is on television twice a day and what are we hearing about his views on homosexuals and immigrants, or that it's our religious destiny to invade Iran?

As Columbia University Graduate Journalism professor Thomas Edsall opined on the Website - the mainstream media is more focused on embracing the Clinton campaign's message that Obama can't carry the general election because of his race, than they are turning the spotlight onto John Hagee's record.

Hillary's not just openly playing the race card - she's got many members of the mainstream media playing the game too.

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