Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Help Trump Prep For the 1st Debate!

Feeling left out of the upcoming first presidential debate?

Feeling like your voice isn't being heard, or that the topics important to you won't be raised when Hillary and Donald square-off this Monday night?

Then follow the advice of talk show host Steven Colbert and take advantage of the Trump campaign's offer to take the Trump-Pence Debate Prep Survey!

That's right folks, just click this link and go to the GOP Website to add your voice to the list of topics that you want Trump to speak about when he faces off against Hillary Clinton this Monday!

This is NOT a joke folks, I just spent about ten minutes telling the Donald exactly which topics he should talk about!

It's easy and fun!

Just select "Other" in the list of answers to each question and fill in your own answer where it says "please specify".

And boy did I - I made sure to tell the good folks over at Trump central that I wanted to hear the Donald talk about his tax returns, his sham university and the fact that his own charitable foundation channels money (given by people who want to do business with Trump) to charities associated with, wait for it...his own businesses!

Now be sure and act fast, the first debate of 2016 kicks on at 9pm EST this Monday September 26th live on NBC and MSNBC moderated by Lester Holt.

By now this GOP Website is being inundated with advice and feedback from people who absolutely despise Trump and everything he stands for, so click the link above and weigh in!

Seriously, how often do you get a chance to speak directly to the Alt-Right brain trust running the Trump campaign?

Tell 'em what you think!

If they're desperate enough to actually solicit ideas from the internet on how Trump can win the first debate, you owe to yourself to sit down share your feedback before they take the thing down!

Act now! 

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