Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Christie Knows Nothing & Assorted Conservative Bunk

John Bannerman as Sgt. Schultz
During his weekly "Ask the Governor" radio show on NJ 101.5 FM last night, Republican NJ Governor Christie boldly continued to try and maintain the laughable assertion that he "knew nothing" about Bridgegate.

This despite the sworn testimony by former top aides to Christie that he knew all along.

Even though Bridgegate "mastermind" David Wildstein recently testified under oath in court that Christie was in the know about the astonishingly crooked scheme to punish Democratic Ft. Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich for not endorsing Christie by intentionally causing a massive traffic jam on the George Washington Bridge, Christie continues to pull a "Sgt. Schultz".

Not to amuse, as the brilliant character actor John Bannerman famously did in his classic role as the gullible German POW camp guard in the 60's television series Hogan's Heroes

His signature punchline, "I know nothing!", uttered during his efforts to turn a blind eye to the zany hijinks of the Allied POW's under his watch, may have fooled his equally clueless commanding officer Colonel Klink, but it never fooled anyone else; and that's kind of what Christie's doubling-down on his denials about knowing about Bridgegate are coming off as.    

It was sad but interesting to listen to the embattled Christie further shred the tattered remnants of his once sterling political reputation Tuesday night by trying to pin Donald Trump's disastrous performance during the widely-watched first 2016 presidential debate on moderator Lester Holt by calling the respected NBC News anchor an "idiot" for challenging Trump's views on the controversial "Stop and Frisk" police policy.

Which strikes me as an interesting insult to use considering that last week during an interview with Bill O'Reilly on Fox, Trump tried to fan the flames of the eternal Republican conspiracy about "liberal media bias" by insisting that NBC is biased against conservatives and then making the unfounded suggestion that the debate was somehow rigged because Holt was a Democrat.

Holt has been a registered Republican since 2003. Idiot indeed...

Of course Christie isn't the only high-profile Republican to make eye-opening public statements that are more characteristic of a bloviating loudmouth dummkopf this week.

Conservative one-trick pony Rudy Giuliani did his best to kick up some positive spin on Trump's debate implosion and clear lack of preparation by calling Hillary Clinton "stupid" and eagerly joining the conservative media clarion call to blame Lester Holt for Trump's epic fail on a nationally televised stage.

Which is hardly surprising, conservative Trump supporters are still miffed that a joint CNN/ORC poll
as well as a joint NBC News / SurveyMonkey poll showed that a majority of respondents thought Hillary won the debate.

Her performance also scored her a nice 4-point bump in the polls by, in part, keeping her cool on the podium Monday night - including her smooth invitation for viewers to visit her Website to read some of Trump's numerous outrageous falsehoods which are carefully listed and fact-checked on the site.

Not surprisingly Fox News quickly kicked into overdrive in an effort to try and put a new spin on Trump's erratic gaff-prone performance on Monday by unleashing a flood of excuses and nonsensical bunk in an attempt to fight the facts quoted and used so effectively by Clinton during the debate.   

For example as a article reported, earlier this evening on On the Record with Brit Hume on Fox News, a panel of three white people agreed that the debunked Birther movement was not racist.

Over on conservative talk radio the consistently tone-deaf Rush Limbaugh actually tried to build on Trump's misogynistic treatment of the then-teenage Miss Universe Alicia Machado by calling her "a porn star" based on some unsupported allegations in a smear article published by The Daily Caller.

Not surprisingly The Daily Caller is a right-wing news Website founded by conservative commentator Tucker Carlson with $3 million in funding from the wealthy Koch-like conservative backer Foster Friess.

Friess is the notoriously Islamophobic multi-millionaire supporter of right-wing Christian causes who blamed the Columbine massacre on liberals; check out's 'Seven Facts Your Need To Know' about this guy.

From Trump's debate performance on Monday, to Christie's denial of his knowledge of Bridgegate, to Fox News and conservative talk media's injection of concocted bunk into the isolated conservative echo-chamber, Republicans have pulled a collective Sgt. Schultz this week:

They know nothing.

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