Monday, November 03, 2014

Farewell to Radio Icon Tom Magliozzi - Say Hello to More Of Sarah Palin's Delusional Ranting

'Car Talk' hosts Tom Magliozzi (right) & his brother Ray
Whether it was Stump the Chump, the Weekly Puzzler, a 'wicked-smaht' understanding of vehicles, or just unconventional relationship advice, few radio hosts could pack as much humor, intelligent insight and practical wisdom into a 60-minute program as brothers Tom and Ray Magliozzi; the hysterical co-hosts of NPR's 'Car Talk'.

After a pretty grueling Monday at work it was with genuine sadness that I read the news of the passing of older brother Tom Magliozzi at age 77 from complications from Alzheimer's disease.

Not since I was a kid waking up to watch Saturday morning cartoons with my younger brother did I look forward to an hour of programming as I have the Saturday 10am start time of 'Car Talk' on NPR radio.

Though the Tappet brothers as they're also known retired the show back in 2012, I still listen each Saturday to the syndicated repeats on NPR - and I always laugh or learn something new about cars, people or life.

They always managed to entertain without being crude, demeaning anyone, or appealing to the lowest common denominator; and for that Tom Magliozzi will be missed. Farewell to a true icon of American radio.   

Speaking of the lowest common denominator, Sarah Palin has resurfaced to use her Facebook page to unleash her unique brand of faux-hysteria, monumental stupidity and confusing nonsense on President Obama.

Nationwide, Republicans seem to have a single unifying political strategy; attack the President. Doesn't matter if it's true, or accurate for that matter, just attack 'em!

So on the eve of critical November elections, what's got Palin riled up? Well, besides the "lame stream" media release of the Anchorage Police report detailing the Palin family's involvement in a drunken brawl. Those gosh darn facts!

During a recent speech, President Obama expressed support for better wages for working American women by talking about how difficult it is for mothers who leave the workplace to have children, then reenter the job market and are then often faced with having to settle for a lower salary after spending long periods out of the job market.

In "Palin-logic" that means (wait for it....) Obama declared war on stay-at-home moms - when in fact he was showing support for those women who decide to return to the workplace in a difficult economy (for the 99% anyway) where both parents often need to bring home a paycheck to make ends meet - or even just to survive.

Palin didn't bother to address the major US companies actually doing the hiring, HR policies that tend to discriminate against women with kids, or the fact that women on average still earn less than men for the same job.

No she decided to take to Facebook to write what can only be best described as an effort at an op-ed piece that's more of a senseless, substance-free ramble against Obama's apparent "evil".

Seriously, if you can stomach it, read this for yourself and see if it makes sense.

Frankly it's just part of a transparent, klutzy effort by the right to try and deflect voter's attention from the GOP's ongoing war against women (personhood amendments? Really?) and make the absurd suggestion that the President is attacking stay-at-home mothers.

Though the Magliozzi brothers deftly avoided politics on 'Car Talk', I can't help but think Tom and Ray would have had a pretty good laugh trying to understand just what the Hell Palin was talking about. I sure don't.

It made no sense, but figuring out exactly what Palin was saying on her Facebook page would have made on heck of a Puzzler on 'Car Talk'.

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