Friday, November 21, 2014

Diversity - Republican Style!

Remember all that conciliatory electioneering rhetoric BS from the Republican party just a few weeks ago?

Blaming Democrats for being insensitive to women after the President supported initiatives to help mothers seeking to get back into the workplace?

Remember all the abstract wistful talk of wanting the GOP to appeal to a "wider demographic" while Republican candidates who'd supported archaic "personhood" amendments pretended they hadn't supported granting a fetus Constitutional rights in order to present themselves as less extreme?

On Tuesday the GOP raised the curtain and gave Americans a glimpse of what they can actually expect from Congress in 2015.

The reports that House leaders unveiled their new list of committee chairs for the 114th Congress - (drum roll please) all of them are men.

Not one woman. 

No doubt American billionaires were dancing a little jig in response to learning that Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan was tapped as the chair of the powerful Ways and Means Committee.

The soul-less former VP candidate and slavish devotee of Ayn Rand's tome to institutionalized selfishness, "Atlas Shrugged", was the chief architect of some of the most heartless budget cuts ever conceived by a sitting Congress.

In the event you were in a coma during the last presidential race, Paul Ryan is the man who dreams about privatizing Social Security and offering tax relief to the top 10% despite the fact that between 1980 and 2008 a staggering 98% of income growth in the US went to the top 10%; while at the same time a mere 2% went to the bottom 90%.

Don't take my word for it, visit the State of Working America Website and do the math for yourself.

As the chair of the House and Ways Committee, Ryan will be responsible for drafting the Republican vision of "Tax Reform" - code for shifting even more of the overall tax burden onto the shoulders of the poor and working class while making sure the wealthiest Americans pay even less of their income in tax.

He'll make sure those long-suffering "job creators" increase their net worth exponentially.

Speaking of "ways and means", two Texans were given the top spots for the powerful Agricultural Committee (Mike Conaway) and Armed Services Committee (Mac Thornberry).

Recent reports reveal Republicans are already calling for hefty increases in defense spending and you can bet your last dime that the new Farm Bill will be rife with absurd tax breaks for wealthy landowners who don't actually farm the land, and all kinds of goodies for large agricultural companies like Archer Daniels Midland and Monsanto.

Pennsylvania Republican Congressman Charlie Dent was selected as Chair of the Ethics Committee, take a look at his Congressional voting record.

Among other things, he opposed Federal funds being used for construction of hi-speed rail in California. But because he represents a state with cities like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh that depend on effective mass transit service, he declined to vote on a bill to reduce appropriations to Amtrak.

He voted to prohibit federal funds from being used to implement a Housing & Urban Development plan, he voted against a bill that would have prevented pending pipeline permit applications from receiving automatic approval.

He voted for House Amendment 1098 that prohibited the District of Columbia from imposing certain firearm restrictions. He also voted for House Resolution 676 which would authorize suing the President for actions Republicans deemed "Inconsistent with Their Duties Under the Constitution of the United States".

And that's the new chair of the Ethics Committee. Read more about the new GOP House Committee chairs yourself; or just try and picture their legislative plans for the American people.

Enjoy your holidays, stay tuned, and remember; this Congress was voted into office by 31% of the American people. 

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