Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Swine Flu Offers a Bizarre Selection of Right-Wing Rants from Psuedo-Journalists Like Michelle Malkin

Hmmmm, let's see. What global news story could fact-challenged conservative columnist Michelle Malkin NOT twist into an opportunity to unleash more of her bizarre brand of paranoid flag-waving hysteria?

The same person who DEFENDED the forced internment of Japanese-American citizens during WWII certainly couldn't be expected to let the current swine flu epidemic go by without chiming in on what else? Illegal immigration!

David Holthouse has compiled a pretty funny list in this SPLC Hatewatch editor's selection of various conservative groups offering up everything from blaming Obama for the outbreak's a message from God...

You HAVE to take a moment to check out of some of the strange rhetoric concocted by our fear-mongering friends from the right in response to the spread of H1N1 virus around the world.

Despite some reports that the virus is now on the decline and that it actually originated in CALIFORNIA not Mexico, people, from California's gun totin' Minutemen to eternally enraged radio host Michael Savage, are riled up! According to, the logic-agnostic Savage is even offering up the theory that Al Qaeda is sponsoring Mexicans to carry the flu into the United States as part of a terrorist plot. You have to hear this nutbag to believe him:

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