Thursday, January 08, 2009

Riots Erupt in Oakland After Police Fatally Shoot 22 Year-Old African-American in the Back

I hate doing this kind of blog entry but it's happened once again.

Police have fatally shot and killed yet another unarmed African-American male citizen of the United States. reports on riots and mass arrests of protesters in Oakland, California in the wake of community outrage over the death of 22 year-old Oscar Grant, a father who was shot in the back by Bay Area Rapid Transit police officer Johannes Mehserle as he lay face down on the ground while another officer had him subdued on the ground of a train station.

Multiple witnesses at the scene captured the shooting on video which sent community residents into a fury. Apparently Grant and two friends were pulled from a BART train for being involved in a brawl around 2am as they celebrated New Years at the popular Embarcadero waterfront area in San Francisco.

Racial injustice over the shooting sent crowds into a fury on Wednesday night to protest against excessive use of force by police.

Interestingly, national media attention seems more drawn to the riots that have erupted in the wake of the shooting than the actual shooting itself.

Why aren't police held accountable for excessive use of force in this nation?

Watch the video for yourself, why would a police officer need to shoot an unarmed suspect already held to the ground?

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