Monday, January 05, 2009

Coulter Gets Cancelled - RNC's Saltsman Defends Sending Out Copies of "Barack the Magic Negro" to RNC Comm Members

In recent days the acrimonious cogs of the more conservative elements of the Republican media machine have kicked into high gear with an all-out assault on the African-American president elect they worked so hard to defeat in 2008 - they're even chucking pot shots at the future First Lady too.

Rising out of the political primordial ooze of cess-pool media with her bizarre mix of fact-bending empty right-wing rhetoric and intellectual hot air is Ann Coulter. Concocting a book that Media Matters identifies as filled with unsupported claims and complete fabrications.

After being deluged with e-mails and calls (prompted by Media I called last Friday and left a message, call 212-664-4444 and share your opinion!) NBC bowed to pressure and pulled the plug on Coulter's appearance to plug her book on the Today Show.

Kudos to the cooler heads who prevailed in THAT decision. Who honestly thinks the network that partially defined the 2008 presidential election with Tina Fey's hysterical lampooning of GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin can, in good conscience provide a platform for Ann Coulter to pitch a book filled with lies and distortion?

Who's the Einstein over at 30 Rock who booked her in the first place?

While I'm glad viewers will be spared from having to listen to her, part of me feels bad that there are people who won't get to hear and appreciate the racist, anti-Semitic schpeel that comes out of her mouth when she knows a camera or a mic is on.

She's so obstinate and grimly spunky, I really admire her steadfast determination to defy reason, truth and sense and live her life from her own perspective, however irrational it is. It lends truth to the oft-repeated phrase; Dinosaurs DO walk the earth.

Oh but wait! There's music in the air to accompany this multi-pronged assault too!

Also leaving pockmarks strewn across the media landscape is the now-infamous CD that Republican National Committee chair-candidate Chip Saltsman sent out to members of the Republican National Committee as a stocking stuffer for Christmas.

It includes the song first played on Rush Limbaugh's show back in 2007, "Barack the Magic Negro" , but it doesn't stop there! This kooky collection of juvenile racist slag also includes such holiday classics as "The Star Spanglish Banner" and "Ivory and Ebony". Really.

And this comes from a guy in the running to HEAD the GOP? From CNN:
"I think most people recognize political satire when they see it," Tennessee Republican Chip Saltsman told CNN. "I think RNC members understand that."

Um, okay. Chip.

In the face of one of the most challenging times in American history it's reassuring to see the GOP making these efforts to broaden the reach of their party and reach out to a wider demographic and counter the perception that the GOP is simply not equipped to serve the needs of the millions of people who voted for Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

You have to wonder how many of those voters were voting AGAINST the very message the noisiest wing of the GOP media seems to be sending out on all frequencies these days. Coming in loud and clear with seemingly little interference from the more reasoned minds of the Republican Party.

Coulter lampooned on SNL:

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