Thursday, November 27, 2008

Would-Be Obama Assasin Claims Court is Racist

With the economy, the holidays and the horrifying attacks in Mumbai dominating the headlines of mainstream media it's only really online that you can follow the absurdity of the legal proceedings against 20 year-old wanna-be assassin Daniel Cowart (pictured left).

Cowart, along with fellow neo Nazi Paul Schlesselman, 19, used up their respective 15 minutes back in October when they were busted for alledgedly plotting to kill Senator Barack Obama.

It's been exactly one month to the day that I blogged about their bizzarre dim-witted plot to murder innocent people (some by beheading) and then kill the president elect while attired in white tuxedos.

In a laughable twist worthy of a (good) M. Knight Shalaman movie, Cowart is seeking to have his indictment dismissed, claiming that he cannot recieve a fair trial because there are African Americans and other non-white people on the grand jury.

Check out the details and a shot of Cowart sporting a wife-beater t-shirt on the CBS Website.

These two knuckleheads are like a walking example of what happens when you have no education, no purpose in life and basically sit around your basement playing ultra-violent video games for hours at a time while idolizing the Third Reich.

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