Friday, November 21, 2008

Limbaugh/Hannity Hold Obama Accountable While Bush Occupies White House

Is it possible that the now-legendary Willie Horton ads created by Lee Atwater and Roger Ailes (which played a major role in the outcome of the 1988 Presidential election between George Bush H.W Bush and Democratic candidate Massachusetts governor Mike Dukakis) could inspire someone to find a way to blame the worst US economy since the Great Depression on a man who hasn't yet been sworn into office?

Could be! Media is one of many different media sources reporting about Rush Limbaugh joining forces with fellow bitter fact-bending conservative media pundit Sean Hannity to blame the credit-mortage crisis, Wall Street slump and global banking glut on Barack Obama.

In a page torn straight out of the Nazi uber spin meister Joeseph Goebels (pictured above) playbook, Limbaugh and Hannity have leap-frogged sanity and reason and instead orchestrated a campaign to repeatedly use the term "Obama Recession" to describe the current economic woes.

"His ideas are killing the economy, his ideas are killing Wall Street." Limbaugh exclaims in a strange excerpt from his syndicated radio show, click the video above right to hear it for yourself.

Wasn't Obama one of 100 Senators (and of course the DC "Shadow Senator"...) on Capitol Hill?

Bush is still President, correct? Juuust checking.

And people wonder why the Republicans lost the White House and seats in both the Senate and House?

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