Saturday, October 18, 2008

Will the Bradley Effect Tilt the Results on November 4th?

It's a close race even though Obama seems to be maintaining a lead over Republican rival John McCain according to most poll buzz.

To counter concerns about the hard-to-track Bradley effect - the theory that based on racial fears, white voters who voted for Obama in primaries and polls will secretly vote for John McCain once they get inside the booth.

Theory? It's named after former five-term Los Angeles mayor Tom Bradley, who despite a commanding poll lead was trounced in his 1982 run for Governor.

The New York Times reports Obama shattered campaign funding records by raising at least $100 million in September alone and is now outspending Obama 4 - 1 in advertising across the country.

But serious concerns about the racial attitudes of many white voters remain. Pennsylvania Congressman John Murtha himself came out and said the Western part of the state he represents is racist.

It's hard for many Americans to look some of this hatred and prejudice in the eye but some things have to be heard to believe.

Check out this video.

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