Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Son of William F. Buckley Goes for Obama

The Website of the Austin American-Statesman reports that the author Christopher Buckley, son of the late William F. Buckley, has shocked readers of the conservative standard, The National Review after penning an article entitled, "Sorry Dad, I'm Voting for Obama."

Of course the news sent ripples of delight through the liberal blogging community -Wonkette posted the MSNBC video of Chrisopher Buckley being interviewed.

But it hasn't really splashed on the mainstream media as the final debate is primetime at the moment. I think a lot of people don't really fully appreciate the symbolic irony of William F. Buckley's son writing a column in The National Review (his father was the founder) about his decision to vote for a black Democrat for president.

Carpe diem folks, moments like this are rare.

William F. Buckley was an iconic American conservative intellectual/thinker even liberals love and admire; a true WASP conservative forged before the Neocons hijacked the party of Lincoln; a man of singular wit; an unmatched wordsmith of the English language.

He also grew up rich, was Ivy-educated, a member of Skull & Bones and worked for the CIA under future Watergate co-conspirator E. Howard Hunt, but alas that my friends is another blog unto itself. (It all kind of makes sense doesn't it?)

Either way you look at it it's a message to Republicans; if McCain can't convince the son of William F. Buckley how is he going to convince the American people?

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