Friday, May 30, 2008

Swastikas on the Wall: This is Your Town

I read a report recently that most mainstream media stories come from AP or the other larger news organizations. Well here's a story directly impacting the culturegiest of our nation that you're not going to see on mainstream media sources.

The Beth Israel synagogue on 1406 Mound street in Madison, Wisconsin boasts a membership of approximately 300 families and was founded in 1949. The Wisconsin State Journal reports that an unknown group or individual has targeted their place of worship twice since April with anti-Semitic graffiti.

On Monday morning May 5th a member of the synagogue found a swastika and the words "Die Jew" were written on a wall in black magic marker. Back on April 25th two large swastikas were found on the front door of Beth Israel. Even though the doors have since been cleaned and repainted, it doesn't cover up the pain and outrage of seeing the place of worship defaced with such offensive symbols and words.

Madison Police have assigned a hate crimes detective to the case. In the picture above, Beth Israel Rabbi Katz shows the Torah to a group of visiting elementary school students.

Anti-Semitic acts like this are on the rise across the United States: Why don't we see these stories on mainstream network television broadcasts and Websites?

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