Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Liz Trotta's Obama Gaff on Fox News Spark Debate

As if the mainstream media being all over Hillary Clinton for shooting herself in the foot yet again after invoking Senator Robert Kennedy's June 1968 assassination before the Democratic primary as justification for her continuing to stay in the race wasn't low enough, she takes the bizarre step of blaming the Obama campaign for fanning the flames in reaction to her own comments.

If THAT wasn't enough Hillary is probably relieved that the media focus on her controversial assassination comment was (temporarily at least) turned onto former Washington Times New York bureau chief Liz Trotta (pictured at left).

Trotta smugly jokes about Obama being assassinated. Look at the tape yourself, it's all over youtube.

Commenting on the implications of Hillary's Kennedy comment, she begins a somewhat typically pontificating inside-media-pundit answer, then clearly says, "...what we have here are people suggesting she wants to knock off Osama, (she recognizes she mistakingly said "Osama" instead of "Obama") then shakes her head and corrects herself, joking, "...uh, Obama, or both if we could." She laughs and the Fox commentator eggs her on suggesting: "Tell us what you really think!"

Typical fare for Fox News.

I'm not really familiar with anything Trotta has written, but you can get a glimpse of her sometimes right-wing leaning ideology from this Webpage from the Media Matters site.

Not surprising that she snidely let her take on Obama slip out on Fox, if the Media Matters page is any indication, she's just another entrenched Bill O'Reilly-like blowhard conservative spouting off and offering up muddled opinion with real facts.

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