Thursday, February 14, 2008

Polish Immigrant Defaces 57 Jewish Tombstones in Chicago - 3 Busted for Vandalism in East Windsor NJ

I recently blogged about the rise in neo-Nazi activity across the US but the hate activity continues even as mainstream media ignores it for the most part; even as it begins to reach epic proportions.

On Friday February 1, 2008 Mariusz Wdziekonski, 21, a Polish immigrant who's been living in the US for about four years confessed to police that he was responsible for desecrating 57 tombstones in the Jewish Westlawn Cemetery in Norridge Park Township, Illinois.

Wdziekonski used blue and silver paint to deface Jewish headstones with swastikas and anti-Semetic graffiti such as "white power" and "Aryan power."

The disturbed machine mechanic, who told Des Plaines police he was a member of a neo-Nazi group known as "National Socialist Movement 88", was also involved in the neo-Nazi movement in his native Poland.

The disturbing part of this is that it spawns copy-cat incidents by ignorant young men with no sense of history, little in the way of intellect and too much time on their hands; and it's now
happening all over our nation - even right next to the town where I went to High School.

On Friday February 8th, three college students in East Windsor, NJ were charged with anti-Semitic vandalism in connection with statues and signs spray-painted in East Windsor, Hightstown and Roosevelt.

18 year-olds Nicholas Kurahara, Nikolai Afanassenkov and Max Drazdik were all charged; the 3 bigots were home on college break last month and boozed up when the incidents occurred and are all members of a band I obviously won't be listening to anytime soon.

Want to see demented, goose-stepping morons burning books in 21st century America?
Then hold your nose and check out this Website.
Remember -this is happening in your community, in Europe and all over the Internet right now as you read this.

This blight upon the fabric of our culturegeist will continue to fester in these difficult economic times until mainstream media turns the power of the spotlight on this issue and real Americans begin to understand who these people are and their obsession with hate, bigotry, anti-Semitism and racism.

It begs the question; what the hell are they so angry about and more importantly, who taught them to hate?


Webmaster said...

Thank you for this. Here's a blog about more anti-Semitism; this is out of Florida.

Note the not so disguised anti-Semitic remarks of two of the posters, one who asks why this is important and why it was posted on DailyKos if it doesn't have to do with a national election (and yet blogs about bird-watching also get posted on that site), and the other who says "I'm not antisemitic but..." and then he goes off-topic and then he later tries to lessen the importance of the blog.

CG said...

Hey thanks for sharing that. It's just mind-boggling that an openly anti-Semitic city official can not only post material like that; but then remain in office because people don't want to incur the costs of subjecting him to a democratic voting process by the people he's supposed to serve. How absurd.

It illustrates just how deeply entrenched prejudice, bigotry and anti-Semitism are in the various corners of America.

Obviously the crappy economy is impacting the nation in ways the mainstream media isn't really interested in exploring.