Monday, February 11, 2008

Advertisers Flee Michael Savage's Ultra-Conservative Radio Schpeel

In a move that's sure to dampen Ann Coulter's day, five more high-profile advertisers have pulled their support of nationally syndicated radio program Savage Nation.

Host Michael Savage is being actively targeted by a group of organizations united in their outrage at the controversial talk show host's comments against Muslims and other groups.

Michael Savage pictured above

It's not the first time Savage's bigotry has landed him in hot water with the media companies that bankroll his vicious tirades. He made headlines in 2003 when he teed off against a male homosexual caller on his talk show on MSNBC, suggesting to the man: "You should only get AIDS and die, you pig." He was subsequently fired by MSNBC.

But his homophobic verbal attack was tame compared to the bizarre, rambling tirade he unleashed against Muslims on October 29, 2007. Visit the Website NOSAVAGE.ORG to hear a recording of the segment or see PDF's of the printed transcripts. It's hard to listen to it and remember companies pay him to be on the air.

Savage has become a victim of his own hate as companies including the makers of well-known brands such as Icy Hot, Selsun Blue, TurboTax and even GEICO are siding with a coordinated effort to hold the horrifying hate-monger accountable for his divisive spew.

Groups such as Hate Hurts America and the Interfaith Community have aligned to demand that advertisers sever their association with Savage's nationally-ranked syndicated program. Wal-Mart, AT&T and Sprint Nextel are just a few of the companies that have moved to distance themselves from Savage.

Savage's cartoonish Website promotes a range of ultra right-wing causes, but to me the bigger issue is who is actually tuning into this program to listen to this ignorant, un-American drivel?

What sort of Neanderthal media executive green-lights a pathetic moron like Savage in the first place?

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