Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Will Race Impact the NH Primary?

It's cold throughout much of the country but the Iowa and New Hampshire Caucuses are heating up. I've done my own informal poll of sorts, asking people how they feel about Barack Obama's race influencing voter's likelihood of voting for him for president.

For instance I asked a friend from Fishkill, New York. He's a 46 year old white guy who sells printers and other office technology to large government organizations. He's a registered Republican, travels frequently across the Northeast US and is totally disillusioned with the Bush Administration and the GOP, especially their entrance into and conduct of the war in Iraq.

He told me he's not intoxicated with with any one candidate, but that right now Obama seems to be delivering the message that makes the most sense to him. He said Obama's race wouldn't affect his decision to vote for him. Like many I've spoken with, they respect Hillary but don't trust her and definitely don't like her.

Tonight I watched an interesting political discussion on The News Hour on Channel Thirteen with some poll experts. One was from the University of New Hampshire Survey Center, if you get tired of the media pundits telling you what the polls are saying, go to the UNHSC Website, they've got some pretty interesting poll information in PDF if you want to look at the data in more detail.

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