Thursday, December 06, 2007

A-Train Attack Camera Hound Identified

As the A-Train Attack gains momentum today's New York Post reports that the now notorious and shocking videotape was shot by 17-year old Kadejra Holmes of Harlem between the Rockaway Boulevard and Broadway Junction A-Train stops.

The young auteur learned her craft in TRUCE, (The Renaissance University for Community Education) which appears to be a city youth program that teaches filmmaking to Harlem kids.

The Post reports that efforts to confirm the authenticity
of the film are currently underway.

A lot remains to be seen in this case, Holmes is due in court on December 11th after she was arrested on September 3rd along with another unidentified juvenile for an assault of a 24 year old woman on a J-Train.

Did she just happen to be there with her camera? Or was she involved? Was this staged?

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