Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Will New Justice Dept. Chief Address Gonzales' Bungling?

One of the most glaring examples/remnants of the Alberto Gonzales-led Justice Department with more allegiance to the Bush White House than to actual justice, is US Attorney Rachel K. Paulose of Minnesota. (pictured left)

Paulose was one of many attorneys who replaced more seasoned prosecutors and DOJ managers with more experience at the behest of the White House because of her unwavering loyalty to the President.

Now new DOJ head Michael B. Mukasey is faced with an opportunity to step in and set the tone for his tenure. What can the American people expect?

Paulose, the daughter of Indian immigrants, a Yale Law School grad and a member of the conservative lawyer's group the Federalist Society, is accused of an abrasive management style that led three of her top staff members to step down from their administrative functions in April according to an article in today's New York Times.

Accusations that the Federalist Society serves as a mechanism for consistently advancing a right-wing agenda have made over the years by many groups.

Will Mukasey fire this inexperienced right-wing yes-man and replace her with someone actually qualified to manage the Minnesota office? Or will we see the first concrete evidence that Mukasey is merely another Gonzales in another guise?

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