Friday, November 02, 2007

NPR's News & Notes, On Point Radio

Thursday night's 10pm "News and Notes" program on WNYC had a really in-depth and spot-on conversation of substance about the current state of the black family in America.

Oft-mention were Bill Cosby's now infamous and brutally frank comments on the issue. I think both he and Dr. Alvin Poussaint have an important message that merit's the ear of a much larger audience.

Here you've got two highly-regarded media savvy African-Americans with the guts to talk about dirty-laundry issues like the behavior of some African-American children in public and the need for blacks as a community to confront and take a greater responsibility for the bringing together the highly diverse elements within the black community.

Huge need for more dialogue here regardless of one's take on the issue.

There was also agreement amongst the guests on the program that these are broader social indicators that are by no means limited to the African-American community. These issues cut across the expanse of our culturegeist.

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