Friday, May 04, 2007

U Penn NBA Study: Race is a Factor in Foul Calls

Friday May 4, 2007 - In an article published in Wednesday's New York Times claims that a study shows that statistics demonstrate a correlation between the racial make-up of an NBA referee crew and the number and frequency of fouls called against a player of a different race.

While the authors of the research, Wharton associate professor Justin Wolfers and cornell grad student Joseph Price, claim their study shows that white refs are more likely to call more fouls against black players than they are against white players (and the opposite holds true for mostly or all black ref crews with regards to white players) the statistics point to the myriad of ways that subconscious thought patterns can influence prejudice and behavior that could be interpreted as racist.

It suggests that the extent to which assumptions, stereotypes and learned patterns of thinking based on skin color permeate our society on multiple levels and in many different areas. Professional sports, the film industry, the court/legal systems, education, media...

View the actual text of the study

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