Monday, May 07, 2007

Diversity? Not in Gonzales' Justice Department!

Monday May 7, 2007 - I was all set to blog about an interesting piece in today's Wall Street Journal written by Erin White on moves by some American corporations to tap more white males to take reins on diversity initiatives...

That is until I found a link on the Website to a story from WJLA TV, the Washington-based ABC affiliate I grew up watching as a kid in Bethesda, MD.

The 'I-Team' piece by reported by Roberta Baskin looks at the appalling lack of diversity at the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department where only two of the fifty attorneys in the Criminal Division are African-American.

There were two in 1978, so in 39 years there's essentialy been NO progress in diversification within the ranks of the nation's highest legal authority. If Gonzales isn't fired for removing US prosecutors from their jobs purely for political reasons then he should be sacked for this.

Despite his seemingly patriotic, rhetoric-filled, soft-spoken demeanor, Gonzales continues to confront inescapable evidence that he's little more than a Bush-lackey who runs a Justice Department that hires attorneys based on political affiliations versus
their ability perform on the job.

If there is merit to the allegations about the startling lack of diversity in the make-up of the Justice Department one must wonder just what he's doing serving as the attorney general of the United States of America.

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