Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunday April, 22nd - 60 Minutes just did an excellent piece on Iraqi physician Dr. Quoresh al-Kasir, one of millions of Iraqi citizens struggling to cope with day to day life in Baghdad.

Lara Logan gives a piercing insight into the realities of living in the middle of a war zone and gives a fresh perspective on the innocent civilians trapped between US Forces struggling enforce the rule of law and the Shite and Sunni militias battling for control of the region.

Dr. Quoresh and his family are residents of the violence-wracked Adamiya neighborhood and it was difficult to listen to him describe how Iraqi gunmen murdered two unarmed boys in front of his young daughter.

Regardless of where one stands on the US occupation of Iraq the conditions on the streets of Baghdad are glaring evidence that the current strategy in Iraq is not working.

I share the views of those who have little faith that the Bush administration will muster the moral courage to put aside their stubborn determination to be right and acknowledge that relegating US troops to the role of intermediary between the Sunni and Shiite militias waging an internal civil war is folly pure and simple.

To those who would argue that an immediate phased withdrawal of US forces from Iraq would lead to a descent into chaos: Chaos already reigns in Iraq - 72 Iraqis were killed today and three more US soldiers won't be coming home alive.

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