Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Fighting Isms and Schisms

Kudos to the Speaker for just going over to Syria representing a more realistic representation of the American people's perspective on the conflict in the middle east. I my not agree with everything she says and does but I respect her for not standing around holding her breath waiting on the Bush administration to make some diplomatic breakthrough.

Whatever you may personally think of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, there's clearly no denying her political saavy and courage. Critics from both blue and red states have slung enough cheap opportunistic sound-bite attacks on her to last the next hundred years.

She caught shit at the start for trying to set the tone and lay out at an agenda for the new majority on the Hill to follow. She rankled members of her own party in the naming of the power positions. Some the of same members of the minority who've green-lighted this complete foreign policy morass in Iraq to the tune of billions in wasted taxpayer dollars in fraud and the same old no bid-contractor shell game nonsense tried to make an issue out of the security details for a person who is third in line for the Presidency, by having the gall to question the government's expenditures on the plane she travels in.

Right now she's got the Bush administration looking pretty inept in a foreign policy-sense. Their questionable diplomatic communication tactics and strategy leading up to and during the occupation of Iraq has possibly already set America's strategic international relationships back by years. Maybe decades in some cases.

Pelosi has forced the administration to reluctantly abandon their strategy where Syria is concerned. At times the Bush strategy towards Syria seemed to be an odd policy of simultaneous non-communication and a stubborn refusal to even engage in any sort of real constructive dialouge.

Pelosi's visit is making that strategy irrelevant and putting the Bush foreign policy team under the spotlight as they appear reactionary and unsure of the directional shift that's going to have to take place in order to work with the countries in the mid-east.

Work to help them to take a more collective responsibility to find a way to decrease the sectarian violence in Iraq and broker a peace deal that all sides can accept and agree to enforce.
I think regional global alliances are going to have to start stepping up to the plate in the near future if humans are really going to evolve to higher states of consciousness. More evolved ways of living and interacting with one another.

I think Pelosi's trip is a step in the right direction and a shrewed political move in their ongoing battle to yield to the overwhelming will of the American people and carefully alter the direction of the war in Iraq.

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