Saturday, August 27, 2016

Trump: Alt-Right Uber Alles

Jaw-dropping confusion has been just one of the more unsavory hallmarks of Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign and on that aspect, he's been nothing if not consistent.

After Hillary Clinton stepped in front of a crowd in Reno, Nevada on Thursday, took off the gloves and called Trump out for what he is and has been, a shameless xenophobic bigot willing to pander to racists and white nationalists for votes, Trump has the temerity to respond by calling Clinton a bigot.

Frankly, Trump has no business calling anyone a bigot after more than a year of his toxic hate speech, but that's another blog.

Personally I'm in the camp of those who feel that it was the best speech Hillary has given during the 2016 race because she used eloquence, facts and Trump's own words to enunciate what millions of people around the nation and the world feel about the Republican candidate for president.

She didn't use half-baked innuendo or flat out lies like Trump does habitually, she didn't need to.

A concise list of the numerous examples of Trump's own statements, actions and public reaction to those were all that was necessary.

But given all that, even as Trump flailed about this week hurling baseless off-the-cuff accusations against his opponent, even after his insulting "African-American Outreach" speeches last week, even after making the editor of an openly racist-misogynist media portal like his campaign manager, who does Trump pick as his new national field director?

Christie's Bridgegate brain trust Bill Stepien & Bridget Kelly 
Bill Stepien, the former chief political strategist for Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Not only was Stepien one of the architects of the Bridgegate scandal, after Christie initially stopped ducking the press and held a lengthy press conference / mea culpa about the Bridgegate scandal back on January 9, 2014, the NJ governor said that he: 

"was disturbed by the tone, behavior and attitude of callous indifference that was displayed in the emails by my former campaign manager, Bill Stepien."   

Which I guess makes him the perfect political hack for a campaign like Trump's.

The fact that Stepien is willing to put "Trump campaign national field director" on his resume says a lot about him professionally; it also says a lot about how desperate the Trump campaign is to put a guy whose name is about to be splashed across the media when the Bridgeate trial gets underway in September into an important high-profile campaign position with early voting about to start.

Personally, as a resident of New Jersey it's genuinely insulting that the governor of our politically moderate state is actually serving on Trump's campaign as an adviser and transition chair.

Not surprising given that this week he used his power as governor to veto yet another gun control bill passed by the state legislature with bipartisan support that would have helped to keep handguns out of the hands of criminals and those who have no business using a handgun.

When your presidential transition chief uses his power as governor to thwart common sense legislation supported by citizens, Republican and Democratic state politicians and members of law enforcement and make it easier for people to carry concealed handguns, it's a reflection of just how out of touch the campaign itself is with mainstream American people.

But clearly Trump as adopted an Alt-Right Uber Alles philosophy, so he's in touch with exactly who he wants to be.

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