Monday, October 27, 2014

Pretty Little Liar: Fox's Megyn Kelly Busted for Lying About Colorado Voter Fraud

Fox host Megyn Kelly
As a rule I really try my utmost to refrain from mentioning Fox News anchor/host Megyn (It's Meagan with a "Y"!) Kelly if at all possible.

The cacophony of half-truths, uninformed reactionary drivel, fictional controversies and flat out stupidity that spills out of this woman's mouth is such low-hanging fruit that the blog could basically be about her.

Admittedly it is difficult to resist her moments of hard-hitting journalism, like when she boosted everyone's holiday spirit last December by assuring her younger viewers that Santa and Jesus Christ are both white.

Yup. That Megyn Kelly.

Denver TV station KUSA was one of the first media outlets to report that during the Tuesday October 21st broadcast of Fox News' "The Kelly File", the bubbly blond anchor took to the air to whip up concocted fears about a provision of the new Colorado voter law.

In an ominous tone Kelly suggested that 2013 changes to the law enacted by Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper allowed Colorado voters to print out a ballot on their home computers and simply give it to what she termed were unspecified "collectors".

Turns out she lied TWICE on that one. First: active duty Colorado citizens who are serving in the military, or are overseas ARE permitted to print out their own ballots and mail them in; but that law has been on the books for years, it wasn't changed in 2013 as she claimed.

Second: Colorado citizens are NOT allowed to print out a ballot on their printer and give it to a "collector", they must vote at their assigned polling site or state law allows them to mail in a ballot - which is also allowed in many other states and is perfectly legal.

True to form, neither Fox News nor Kelly has bothered with any kind of apology or explanation; they rarely do after being caught trying to pass off lies as truth.

But kudos to the local Colorado TV stations who took responsibility for publicly calling out Kelly on her lies in order to clarify the issue for Colorado voters; a number of whom actually contacted television stations to ask about Kelly's bogus claims.

Her comments reflect a Republican party desperate to try and win back a majority in the US Senate and there's no tighter Senate race than the one in Colorado. Democratic incumbent Mark Udall is locked in a tight race with GOP candidate Corey Gardner (Republican Congressman representing Colorado's 4th District) who has a slim 1-percentage point lead over Udall according to an article on the Latin Website.

It's sad enough that the GOP has to lean on Fox News chief Roger Ailes to use faux-tainment hosts like Kelly to pass off false information about Colorado voter laws, but the laughable part?

The Republican party are the ones openly using a national campaign of voter discrimination, voter repression and voter misinformation to try and achieve victory in November.

Take these examples that were reported on, Texas election judge William Parsely was forced to turn away a 93-year old US veteran who came out early to vote - the man was registered to vote but his driver's license had expired a few years ago as he no longer drives. So he was turned away and will have to obtain a valid state ID before the elections to vote as he has for years.

Or how about Georgia, where campaign workers have labored to fan out across the state to register as many black voters as possible in the past few months. When organizers checked their databases against the state's in August, they found that some 50,000 new voter registrations have simply vanished - mysteriously most of the missing registrations are for minority voters who live in the counties surrounding Atlanta; areas with large black populations where Republicans are desperate to keep voter participation low because of the large increases in black, Latino and and Native American populations in the state in recent years.

Reps from progressive groups like the New Georgia Project and the NAACP have taken Secretary of State Brian Kemp to court in an effort to get the missing voter registrations counted in time for the November elections; Kemp refused repeated requests to meet with the groups to provide information on how the state lost 50,000 registration forms.

Remember Brian Kemp is the same Secretary of State who was caught on tape at a GOP fundraiser earlier this summer warning attendees that "registering all these minority voters" could tip the balance in favor of Democrats.

Yup, same guy responsible for "misplacing" 50,000 new voter registration forms.

It's a pretty sad state of affairs for today's GOP. Unable to win on the issues, they view stripping people of their voter rights as a logical strategy to win the November elections; an idea that is repugnant to the basic principles of Democracy and the guarantees enshrined in the Constitution.

So it's not surprising that false information about Colorado voter laws are spread by a pretty little liar like Megyn Kelly. You can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig. 


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