Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What About Bob?

Fair & balanced?
Let's say someone walked up and told you that one of the leading attorneys handling the Michael Brown case was a man whose father, brother, uncle, cousin and mother all worked for the St. Louis Police Department.

You'd figure that's who trigger-happy Ferguson Police officer Darren Wilson selected as his defense attorney right? You'd be wrong.

The man described above is the county prosecutor in charge of trying the case against Wilson and his name is Bob McCulloch (pictured left). The idea of this man leading the prosecution of one of the most explosive cases of the use of excessive police force (and bad judgment) in Missouri history already has protesters and members of the Ferguson community up in arms.

As of 11:09pm ET, 53,791 signatures have been collected on a MoveOn.org petition started by Jamilah Nasheed, a Missouri State Senator. The petition calls on McCulloch to recuse himself and the county prosecutor's office from the case and instead have a special independent Federal prosecutor handle the case.

I truly regret that McCulloch's father (a St. Louis policeman) was killed by a black man in 1964 when McCulloch was 12, but I would hope that he has sense enough to recognize that his deep family ties to the St. Louis PD and failure to bring charges back in 2000 against two white policemen who fired 20 shots into a parked car killing two unarmed African-American suspects in a drug operation (in a press conference McCulloch later called them "bums"...) represents a conflict of interest that should be fairly obvious to all.

Speaking of people doing stupid shit with guns, I'm getting pretty fed up with individuals who feel compelled to flaunt their 2nd Amendment rights by carrying loaded weapons around openly in public places like grocery stores.

Seriously, WTF is this guy thinking?
There's a new petition up on the Everytown.org Website calling on Kroger's, the largest grocery store chain in the nation to protect it's customers by banning people from carrying loaded weapons around in their stores.

You can sign it here! The petition is addressed to W. Rodney McMullen the CEO and Michael Ellis, president/COO of Kroger's.

 Other stores like Target, Chipotle and Starbucks have already listened to concerned citizens across the nation in the wake of the 74 (yes, 74) school shootings that have taken place since Sandy Hook.

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