Sunday, March 09, 2014

Dr. Ben Carson Emerges As The Official Republican Black Guy At CPAC 2014

Dr. Ben Carson
There's little question renowned pediatric neurosurgeon and author Dr. Ben Carson is an exceptionally intelligent and accomplished physician, which makes his willingness to be used as a pawn by the right wing conservative movement all the more puzzling.

You may recall Carson made headlines last fall at the Voter Values Summit when he took the stage and compared the Affordable Care Act to slavery.

Republicans absolutely love a black guy who will say crazy $#%! like that; I'll bet you Dinesh D'Souza jumps up, claps his hands and runs around the room dancing a little jig every time Carson unleashes one of those nuggets of extremist nonsense.

On Saturday the good doctor placed 3rd in the CPAC straw poll of GOP presidential front runners with 9% of the vote; Texas Senator Ted Cruz came in 2nd with 11% and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul came in first with 31% of the vote - poor Chris Christie finished 4th with 8% and is realizing Bridge-Gate is a liability to the GOP's chances in 2016.   

Carson used his speech to lambaste the "PC police" and "liberal media" for trying to silence him in the wake of his comparing homosexuality to bestiality while defending the "traditional definition" of marriage as being between a man and a woman in a recent Fox New Interview.

I can't speak for all liberals, but the idea that there's some kind of liberal plot to silence Carson is simply delusional. Nothing improves the chances of another sweeping Democratic presidential victory in 2016 than another right-wing nut-bag like Carson trying to use Christianity as a shield for narrow-minded bigotry - it's his own mouth that's bringing media attention down on his arcane views.

But there's no need to get into his attempt to compare the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, one of the worst crimes against humanity in history, with an act of Congress designed to ensure that all Americans have access to decent health care; and remember that's coming from a former brain surgeon who is a professor emeritus at the John Hopkins School of Medicine.

And how is it you operate on the human brain using techniques at the forefront of medical knowledge and technology and claim you don't believe in evolution?

Political views like his are so crazy they're far outside the boundaries of the mainstream political spectrum where the 2016 presidential election will be won or lost. And the sad truth is Carson has nothing original to say.

Instead of standing up and offering a different vision for the country, he just rants on about liberal plots to silence him, misquotes Vladimir Lenin and makes bizarre observations about Nazi Germany.

That fact that this guy placed third in the CPAC straw poll pretty much tells you all you need to know about today's Republican party.

No, liberals don't have to do anything about Dr. Carson, his own extremist views will be the cause of his political implosion in 12 to 14 months when the Republican race gets serious and he confronts the reality that this Republican party will never nominate a black man to be president; just ask Colin Powell.

After a brilliant medical career Carson is content to play the buffoonish and intellectually demeaning role of the "Republican Black guy" the GOP likes to hold up to demonstrate that they're really not the party that actively tries to strip away the voting rights of minorities, fights against a minimum wage hike and openly embraces the bigotry of an idiot like Ted Nugent.

Just give it time, Carson's political flame will extinguish itself and he'll quietly go the way of Allan Keyes, Herman Cain or Armstrong Williams.

Or maybe he'll just wake up one day and have a Michael Steele moment and realize the Grand Old Party was bamboozling him all along.

But for now, hang a sign on the door because the Dr. is definitely in the house.



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dashiki1 said...

He is one ignorant Black man and Republican to boot! And yes you can be college educated but still be stupid! I can imagine that his ancestors are rolling over in their graves! I no longer have any respect for the GOPER.