Saturday, December 07, 2013

Cornelius Kelly Caught Lyin' & Nassau County Police Accused of Profilin'

Fox News darling & ACA hater Cornelius Kelly
Long Island is at the center of a couple of blog-worthy stories on this stormy Friday of cautiously positive job numbers.

This morning I got an e-mail alert from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) calling for supporters to sign a petition calling for Speaker of the House John Boehner to apologize for having thrown pot shots at the Affordable Care Act on Fox News last Sunday.

That in itself isn't news, Republicans are so desperate to try and sour public opinion on the ACA that Boehner himself was busted back around November 23rd for a silly concocted public tantrum he threw about the hours it took for him to sign up for health care because the rep from the help desk wouldn't call him back.

Turns out the rep DID call Boehner back; Boehner just left him on hold for 35 minutes in order to whine about not getting anyone to speak with him on the phone.

Don't laugh folks, Boehner is 3rd in line for the Presidency.

Not to be deterred by the failure of his juvenile publicity stunt, Boehner goes on Fox News last Sunday December 1st to share horrific stories of regular American folks who couldn't sign up for health care coverage; including that of a New York father who claimed he was told by the New York State health care exchange that under Obamacare he would have to purchase a completely separate health policy for his 18-month old baby. 

Only problem with that story is that (drum roll please) again, it wasn't true. Turns out the "father" was in fact Cornelius Kelly (pictured above), a conservative from Long Island who was the failed Republican challenger for the 2nd Congressional District in Suffolk County back in 2011-2012.

Turns out the not-so-crafty Cornelius actually bungled his own application by incorrectly listing only three of his four children which resulted in a clerical error that took time to resolve. Rather than take responsibility for his puzzling 'Home Alone'-like error, Cornelius goes on Fox News to bask in the media spotlight and blame it on Obamacare.

As pathetic and corny (no pun intended Mr. Kelly) as this all sounds it's straight out of the standard right-wing conservative media playbook. Just find someone who will say something (anything really, doesn't matter if it's true) that can be used to smear President Obama, then have Fox and the Usual Suspects of right-wing talk radio repeat it as a story over and over until it actually becomes a story and Presto! Fair and Balanced.

Anyway Boehner's bogus claim was exposed and despite GOP smear tactics and misinformation campaigns millions of people are successfully accessing the improved Website and thousands are signing up in advance of the approaching deadline for all Americans to have health coverage.

Speaking of Long Island...

As if the three African-American high school students arrested last week by Rochester, NY police for standing on the sidewalk waiting for a school bus to take them to a basketball scrimmage wasn't bad enough, now comes this story I first read about on The earlier today from an AP report that suggests that even a black female Nassau County police officer with 19 years of experience on the force is not immune to outrageous racial profiling and harrassment - by members of her own police force.

Dolores Sharpe (pictured left) held a press conference yesterday to level accusations against two fellow white male officers from the Nassau County Police Department for profiling then harassing her after she supposedly parked her car, obstructing one of the officer's views then went to do some shopping at a Dollar Store while off duty last Friday. A verbal confrontation ensued when she returned to her car and they arrested her, a veteran member of the police force they belong to, for resisting arrest. You have to read this to believe it.

Or maybe you don't.

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