Monday, October 29, 2012

Dinesh D'Souza Exposed as Adulturer and Moral Hypocrite

Dinesh D'Souza & mistress/"fiancee" Denise Odie Joseph II.
Over the years conservative writer and critic Dinesh D'Souza has delighted Republicans and right-wing media pundits by targeting African-Americans, Democrats, the poor, unions, homosexuals, pro-choice advocates and President Obama with unsubstantiated theories, a long-winded mix of pseudo-intellectual editorializing and uninformed revisionist American history.

D'Souza, a converted Catholic now aligned with the evangelical Christian church, has carved out a career with his self-righteous condemnation of the personal beliefs, political choices and life style choices of people who don't think like him. Now he's crying foul over the humiliating public revelation that he was recently spotted staying in a hotel room during a conference with Denise Odie Joseph II, a significantly younger married evangelical Christian woman; who herself is married according to Jordan Sargent of   

A recent article by David Sessions on the Daily Beast Website claims the story was broken by World (an evangelical Christian magazine) after two conference organizers learned D'Souza was shacking up in a South Carolina hotel with a woman who was clearly not his current wife of 20 years.
Don't get me wrong, D'Souza's personal life is his own business, but when he writes books and films documentaries based purely on some wildly speculative theory that the President has some kind of secret agenda for the nation based on a seething hatred of colonialism, his own personal life becomes relevant and subject to scrutiny.

Just recently D'Souza had the gall to accuse the President (who regularly attends church, is happily married with two daughters and lives with his mother-in-law) of 'Attacking the traditional values agenda' according to an article posted on the Website. 

Perhaps D'Souza should spend less time obsessing over what he perceives to be other people's moral failings and more time reflecting on just what his own 'traditional values' are. He certainly will have plenty of time for reflection, in the wake of the scandal D'Souza resigned as president of King's College in New York City, a small Christian school funded by Campus Crusade for Christ. Their Website states in part:  
"The King’s College educates students to lead with principle as they aspire to make America better. We prepare students for principled leadership. And nothing else."

Unfortunately for D'Souza, I suspect the media (and his current wife Dixie), will be a lot less forgiving than Jesus.

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