Sunday, April 26, 2009

Coeur d'Alene Neo-Nazis: Two Men, a PO Box & a Twisted Ideology

After being ceremoniously booted from their Coeur d' Alene, Idaho compound in a public bull-dozing in 2001 an Associated Press report published in the New York Times reports the neo-Nazis are back!

Well, sort of.

An Aryan Nations compound in Idaho is pictured at left, with mainstream financial adviser Chris Temple circled in red - Temple, a virulent neo-Nazi who once worked for former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke, is well known and often quoted by mainstream media sources for his investment strategies, but less so for his adulation of Adolph Hitler and his Holocaust denial views.

Both the Times article and a Seattle article describe local Idaho residents as being puzzled at recent the distribution of fliers calling for the building of a "World Head Quarters".

In typical neo-Nazi distortion of truth and racist fear-mongering, the fliers found on Coeur d'Alene lawns recently depict a young white girl asking her father, "Why did the dark men take mommy away?"

Who's responsible?

Two guys operating out of a PO box.

According to the Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations, which has monitored and fought the Aryan Nations for years, two men, Jerald O’Brien and Michael Lombard list themselves as the "leaders" of the local Aryan Nations chapter - which consists of O'Brien and Lombard though they claim the recent election of Barack Obama will help fuel their recruiting efforts.

Former neo-Nazi leader Richard Butler was bankrupted back in 2000 after he was found responsible for a violent attack on locals - the Southern Poverty Law Center helped pursue the lawsuit, the organization specializes in suing hate groups and having courts seize their assets.

It's a positive sign to see various media outlets around the country bringing the activities of ignorant, violent cowards like O'Brien and Lombard to light.

It's also reassuring to see that the vast majority of Idaho citizens are totally against and offended by the presence of neo-Nazis infesting their state and trying to bring outsiders there who make pathetic attempts to portray the region as some kind of haven for the Aryan Nations and the tattered remnants of the Christian Identity Church movement and it's demented views of God and religion and embracing of hate and violence based on race.

People of all races recognize these losers for exactly what they are - two guys with a rented PO box, a massive inferiority complex and a warped view of a world in which they are a minority.

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