Tuesday, September 16, 2008

GOP Fear Tactics Target Jewish Voters in Florida

According to the Huffington Post Website, The Jewish Council for Education in Research is reporting that at least two Jewish residents of Florida have recently been "push polled" by telephone reps asking them a variety of leading questions that falsely accuse Barack Obama of being linked to Hamas, the PLO and a variety of anti-semitic policy stances.

Looks like the McCain campaign and the GOP are all fueled up by reports of Obama's low poll numbers among the white male and female demographic in some states. Aggressive and misleading polls like this are intended to play upon racial stereotypes and cultural prejudices. It's nothing new for the GOP. Same sleazy tactics, different year.

Republicans were using them on one another during the primary season, you don't think they'll use them against Obama and Biden?

Smells like GOP low-ball strategist Warren Tompkins at work to me; this morally-challenged political hack was working Mitt Romney's campaign during the primary but was likely recalled to the mother ship in advance of the Republican National Convention.

Interesting tactical campaign choice for McCain.

The same man of principle and honor who stood underneath the big banner of integrity and straight talk at the Republican National Convention is determined to exploit the media-generated assumption that Jewish voters will be put off by Obama's race.

With the dismal economic forecast getting even gloomier with the fall of investment bank Lehman Brothers coupled with spiking fuel prices, McCain and running mate Sarah Palin's non-specific plain-folk talk seems even more irrelevant to working towards finding real solutions to the economic problems Republicans don't seem to think exist.

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