Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Spanish Olympic Basketball Team's Racist Team Photo Mocks Asians

In the latest racist sports embarrassment for Spain, photos of the Spanish Olympic basketball team (pictured at left) posing together using their fingers to pull back their eyelids in an insulting racist caricature of Asian eyelids is causing outrage amongst Chinese people around the world.

What an insult to the global cooperative spirit of the Olympics and their Chinese hosts. Spanish soccer fans have repeatedly demonstrated their contempt for black players with racist insults during an era in which the cultural fabric of Europe has changed to include peoples from middle east and Africa.

Sadly this behavior isn't limited to Spain either. This 2004 article from the Washington Post chronicles a number of incidents of racist behavior by European soccer fans as well as anti-Semitic taunts against teams with ties to the Jewish community as well.

This low rent garbage isn't confined to Spanish soccer stadiums either. British Formula 1 racing driver Lewis Hamilton, who is of African descent, was subjected to racist taunts and slurs by obnoxious Spanish F1 racing fans while his team was testing his car and preparing for the opening of the 2008 Grand Prix season at the Circuit de Catalunya track in Barcelona back in February, 2008.

So much for Spanish culture. As "anon" wryly observed in the reader response section in response to a Huffingtonpost article on the incident:

"Oh Spain, it never ends with that country...maybe its residual bitterness from being the centuries long platform from which the Moors culturally and intellectually enriched Europe....who knows."

The same Huffingtonpost article reports the Spanish women's basketball team posed for the photo doing the same thing so obviously the lack of a penis has no bearing on ignorance and alarming stupidity either.

China beat the moronic Spanish hoop players 67-64 by the way. Perhaps the Spanish should quit wasting their time acting like juvenile racist assholes and focus on preparing themselves for competition.

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