Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Obama Wins, Harriet Christian Rants

Senator Barack Obama has made history by securing the Democratic presidential nomination. But he's going to have to work quickly to heal some of the divisions within the Democratic party.

I'm listening to the 11pm WCBS New York news and reporter Lou Young, reporting from outside an Obama fund raiser on Manhattan's Upper East Side, suggested that Hillary Clinton is going to have to find a way to reunite the party.

Frankly she had her chance at the nomination and she lost it fair and square. Obama is the party's nominee and the responsibility to bring it into line is his.

By now thousands have seen the video clip of Clinton supporter Harriet Christian ranting like an insane lunatic in front of a phalanx of cameras. Sporting sunglasses and sounding like she's on medication, Christian calls Obama an "inadequate black male" before stalking off babbling about how she and her "group" would be voting for John McCain - out of spite it seems rather than based on any kind of political logic or loyalty to the Democratic party.

Bitter is an understatement.

Political consultant Dan Gerstein suggested one of the reasons George W. Bush won and was re-elected was because of the support he received from white women. I've got confidence that there are millions of registered white female voters who do and will support Barack Obama versus McCain based on his character and policy stances - Morons like Harriet Christian are just disenfranchised ignorant and symbolic of why this nation needs change.


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