Thursday, January 31, 2008

Warren Tompkins: The Man Behind Mitt Romney

This afternoon I listened to a radio interview with former Mass. Governor and perpetual GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney on WNYC.

In recent weeks he's displayed an open contempt for his chief opponent Senator John McCain (was thrice-married Rudy Giuliani ever really a serious threat to be the candidate of the party that frowns upon the use of stem cells and a woman's right to choose?)

On the 6:30pm EST broadcast of the NBC Evening News, it was reported that Romney just announced he'll spend millions to air more television ads in key states in advance of next week's Super Tuesday primary.

Personally I give him props for remaining pretty even-keeled in the midst of the many
"flare-up" attacks on his membership in the Mormon Church. He's going to face some tough battles in the southern states and Bible Belt regions where his association with the Mormon Church makes many members of the conservative Christian voter base uneasy.

It worried Romney enough to hire GOP low-ball political strategist Warren Tompkins. Tompkins is a disciple of former GOP Chairman Lee Atwater, who famously created the notorious Willy Horton TV ads to slam Democratic presidential candidate Mike Dukakis.

Atwater helped to evolve the fine art of playing upon negative racial stereotypes and ingrained cultural fears in order to manipulate white voters.

Tompkins demonstrated a mastery of Lord Vader's teachings when he resorted to ordering campaign volunteers to pepper white South Carolina voter's telephones and car windshields with overtly false and racist attacks against political opponents to score his own pathetic version of Willie Horton.

He's a real piece of work, straight out of the Jack Abramoff School of political strategy.

Whatever else we think about Romney, it says quite a bit about his character that he depends on someone like Warren Tompkins to run the strategy that will earn him the nod for the GOP presidential candidacy.

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