Friday, March 30, 2007

Bizzare Wave of Youth Violence Against Homeless Continues

Can someone please explain WHAT is going on with the growing incidents of young, apparently really pissed off males attacking innocent homeless people without provocation? Mainstream media really doesn't seem to be saying much about it except when one of these thugs takes the time to videotape their brutal attacks and there's a nice video clip to roll.

In the latest incident I've seen in mainstream media, Ashley Fantz wrote a nice piece on the Website, posted just before 10pm Thursday night 3.29.07.

The focus of her piece: two 10 year old boys and a 17 year old teenager charged with the assault of John D'Amico a 58-year old homeless man in Daytona Beach, Florida. Where are the parents of these 10 year old boys? Is it reasonable to expect a parent to at least have an idea that their 10 year old son is smashing a homeless man in the head with chunks of broken concrete ?

Culturegeist will continue to keep an eye on this story, in the meantime check out this piece from the National Coalition for the Homeless Website to learn more about this underreported epidemic affecting the US - it was posted last summer, June 28, 2006.

Culturegeist supports the freedoms guaranteed by the 1st Amendment, but I'm not an expert in law. I have to seriously wonder if Websites that promote violence against the homeless are in some way party to these senseless beatings? I mean you can't yell "Fire!" in a crowded theater right? What the hell is wrong with these kids?

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